Plant Based Menu

Plant Based Menu at The Cowrie
Plant Based Menu at The Cowrie

Our Plant Based Menu explores the art of plant based dining while drawing on all locally sourced ingredients. This is optionally matched with Australian Ikou Organic teas.

Confit baby beetroots, compressed watermelon, shaved radish, baby celery, citrus, quinoa, walnuts
'Organic Australian Native tea'

Charred cabbage, tomato fondue, sea vegetables, shallots 'White tea and peppermint tea' Thyme caramelised onions, heirloom carrots, dates, oyster mushrooms, cumin oil
'Zen Green tea'

Miso and chilli eggplant, broad beans, shaved fennel, torched broccolini, puffed wild rice, lemon olive oil
'Organic lavender and chamomile tea'

Caramelised pineapple and ginger, elderflower ice, cereal, vanilla coconut
'Elderflower & Lemon Myrtle tea'

''Strawberries and Cream'' seasonal berries, rose, freeze dried raspberry, flowers
'Antioxidant Berry Boost tea'

two courses 79 / three courses 89pp / four courses 99
paired Ikou Organic tea 6 each
paired wines 30 / 45 / 60